July 6, 2019: Tour de Whitewater, Westmeath, ON

OVCATA is pleased to announce that it will be a main partner and beneficiary of the Third Annual Tour de Whitewater in Westmeath, ON. Last year's event attracted 300 riders.

The Tour de Whitewater (Westmeath, ON) invites you to come and cycle in beautiful Whitewater Region where there is a ride for everyone 150k, 100k , 60k Gravel, 50k, 30k & 10k Family Ride. Community Breakfast ~ 4-H Community BBQ Lunch ~ Door Prizes ~ Scenic Routes - Inspire your family & friends to ride! 

Full details are on Facebook and Blogspot.  Let us know if you'd like to volunteer with OVCATA at the event by emailing to info@ovcata.ca.