Stolen Norco in Petawawa

A Norco Challenger 18” mountain bike was stolen from my North side PMQ yesterday. I was wondering if you  would be able to post a picture of it on your blog to give a heads up to other riders that if they see an uncommon or new face out riding with this particular bike that they could maybe send me a heads up. It was purchased from Gear Heads and we are not even done paying for it yet.

I have attached a picture for your viewing pleasure,

LS Jeremy Minto

CDU 2 NCO, 2I/C, 2 Field Ambulance

Canadian Armed Forces / Government of Canada / Tel: 613-687-5511 Ext 3345

CDU 2 NCO, 2I/C, 2er Ambulance de Campagne

Forces armée canadiennes / Gouvernement du Canada / Tél. : 613-687-5511 Ext 3345