Your Alliance needs you

We have been busy on your behalf since we founded the Ottawa Valley Cycling and Active Transportation Alliance last spring, and we've achieved some significant things. As a result of our work, hardened shoulders are being installed on newly paved sections of roads such as Highway 17 and Grants Settlement Road in Whitewater Region. Whether you're a cyclist, hiker, paddler or other non-motorized traveller, we are speaking and planning for you and your family.

Although we are an all-volunteer group, it costs money to do this work - incorporation expenses, office expenses, online fees, and so on. So far, these expenses have all come from the pockets of a few activists. Next year, we hope to organize events and projects like route marking. All these things cost money. So please make a contribution via PayPal. Any amount helps. It's all about building critical mass. Click here to make your contribution.