Voyageur Discovery Route Funding a big step toward trans-Canada cycle route.

Voyageur Discovery Route Funding a big step toward trans-Canada cycle route. The dream of a cross-Canada cycling route that goes through the Ottawa Valley took a big step forward this month with the announcement of $237,400 in Trillium funding for Discovery Routes Trails Organization for expansion of the Voyageur Cycling Route.  Over the next three years, Discovery Routes will demonstrate how cycling route designation and relatively minor changes to the built environment in support of cycling can increase the frequency of cycling for daily transportation and recreation leading to more active lifestyles. In 2016, OTF provided seed funding to mobilize local government and road authorities to begin to invest in the existing transportation network to better support cycling using the Voyageur Cycling Route to galvanize inter-regional partnerships. Building on the momentum created by the efforts, signage and wayfinding aids will be implemented and the Voyageur Cycling Route will be launched along operational sections from Deep River to Sudbury East. The cycling route will be expanded into southeastern Ontario to connect communities in a continuous cycling route through Renfrew and Lanark counties to the nation's capital where a gap exists in the developing provincial cycling network. The route will also be extended to the west to connect with the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail within the City of Sudbury. With the objective of increasing cycling rates in rural communities across the project area, bicycle use and individual physical activity rates prior to route implementation will be compared to use following the sectional launch of the Voyageur Cycling Route.

In months to come, OVCATA will be working with Discovery Routes and local municipalities to discuss routes, signage, promotion and related issues.

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