2023 OVCATA annual meeting summary and co-chairs' report


Co-chairs' report


  1. Heroes Run for Healthcare Pembroke Regional Hospital on May 6 Pembroke runners were accompanied by OVCATA cyclists with waivers as provided by the organizers.

  1. The annual Silver Chain Challenge during June bicycle month was won by Prince Edward County recording 4000 km while Renfrew County in second place entered 2700 km.

  1. The Krista Johnson memorial Run for Change in Pembroke was held on June 10 with OVCATA cyclists accompanying the runners with waivers for runners as provided by the organizers.

  1. Run for Home fund raiser for Deep River Hospital June 24. OVCATA supplied direction arrows and stakes as well as set up and retrieval with waivers as supplied by the organizers.

  1. KAPOA POKER RUN This event held July 15 was a short bike ride and turnout was low. The organizers are willing to try again next year. Direction signs and stakes provided by OVCATA and waivers as provided by the organizers.

  1. Andy Kalnins continues to provide recreational activities in McNab/Braeside, Arnprior and Renfrew TOUR DE POUTINE 2023 on September 16, saw 45 cyclists ride the 24 km course and enjoy a free Poutine at Betty’s Chips on a nice bright sunny day again this year.

Thanks Andy and Township of McNab Braeside for having this event. Ride organizers provided waivers.

10 KM WALK RUN AND CYCLE 2023 Renfrew on October 15 at Ma-te-way Park fund raiser for Hospice Renfrew. Waivers provided by organizers. Thanks Andy and the Town of Renfrew for organizing this event.

  1. Andy also organized four paddle events. Thanks for all you do Andy.

TOUR DE BONNECHERE 2023 August 27 was a successful event with 175 cyclists. Barbequed hotdogs, hamburgers and refreshments were available for the participants at the finish along with live music. Bob Peltzer, Eric Price and Ron Moss provided and retrieved route signs as well as completing ride sweeps. Ride organizers provided waivers.

In the past this event has always been managed by staff at the Phoenix Centre who have decided to step away from this event. OVCATA will strive to maintain this event in 2024. OVCATA is currently working with the past committee on determining financial distribution of funds raised.

TOUR DE WHITEWATER 2023 was a ride in memory of past very successful ride events that were held here. The 2023 ride was held on July 15 from the Westmeath arena saw over 450 participants. Following the rides A poster for a bike ride

Description automatically generatedparticipants were able to purchase sandwiches prepared by the Four H Club at the Westmeath Arena. OVCATA members assisted with the five ride routes, signage and ride sweeps.

Ride organizers provided waivers.

OVCATA is currently working with the Tour de Whitewater Committee on fund distribution and a very exciting presentation was made to Whitewater Region Council on November 15 with a multi-year project in not only Westmeath but Foresters Falls, Cobden and Algonquin Trail.

  1. Laurentian Valley Fit and Feisty for seniors. Weekly cycle rides guided by Kathy Fredericks and Ron in the Laurentian Valley, Pembroke and Petawawa areas.

A poster for a bicycle tourism

Description automatically generatedCASHING IN ON CYCLE TOURISM WORKSHOP Wednesday September13 at the Nick Smith Centre was a very successful event with guest speakers Bob Peltzer OVCATA, Brenda Woods Trent Severn Waterway, Jennifer McCourt Discovery Routes Trails organization and Louisa Mursell Ontario by Bike and 45 in attendance saw the creation of a group that would carry forward Cycle Tourism and the Trail Town Concept involving municipalities along the OVRT and Algonquin Trails from Smiths Falls to Matawa.  As a result of this very successful workshop a group of attendees we have called the Dream Team has committed to carrying this theme forward. A follow up zoom meeting on Nov 7 has been held thanks to the effort of Jeff Mills. This has kick started the dream team who will continue to move this forward.


Renfrew County

Text Box: Wardens Community Service Award 2022 and 2023
-	OVCATA attended County council chambers January 25 and received this award for 2022. 
-	The 2023 award has recently been presented to Wanda Hilts representing the Laurentian Valley Fit and Feisty Group.


Town of Arnprior

  • Arnprior Station rest stop has recently been put forward to council and a motion has been accepted.
  • OVCATA looks forward to moving this forward with the Town of Arnprior and the County of Renfrew to see this installed in the near future as well as signage.

Capital Works for Hardened shoulders in Renfrew County 2023

-     Following our discussions with County staff regarding hardened shoulders for the 2023 construction season we are pleased to announce that County policy is to provide 1.0m wide hardened shoulders on all County roads having sufficient platform widths.

  • County of Renfrew provided hardened shoulders in 2023 on the following roads:

  • Whitewater Rd from Greenwood Rd to Hwy 17 connecting to the existing hardened shoulders on Mud Lake and Greenwood Rds.
  • Round Lake Rd Deer Trail to Bonnechere River bridge
  • River Rd near Lochwinnoch Rd
  • Storyland Rd west of River Rd to Portage Rd.
  • Lake Dore Rd from Golden Lake to Sperberg Rd
  • Calabogie Rd from Highway 17 to Burnstown.
  • Foymount Rd has been resurfaced with partially paved shoulders to a point just west of Lake Clear Rd. The remaining 1.5 kms is scheduled for completion in 2024 bring partially paved shoulders to most of the route from Eganville all the way to Foymount.


  • The section of trail from the Town of Renfrew to Sand Point had additional surface material placed this past summer.
  • Work continues on the trail from Paquette Rd towards Chalk River will likely be open early December.
  • The County of Renfrew will report on Trails at our Dec 2 AGM.

MUNICIPALITIES - OVCATA members Andy Kalnins, Ron Moss and Debbie Macdonald actively involved in the development of these plans in Arnprior, Renfrew, Laurentian Valley and City of Pembroke as follows:

  • Pembroke Parks and Recreation Master Plans
  • Laurentian Valley Active Transportation and Trails Master Plan
  • Laurentian Valley Strategic Plan
  • Arnprior Recreation and Parks Master Plan
  • Town of Renfrew strategic priorities

OVCATA recruitment and publicity set up at the following public events:

  •  Tour de Whitewater July 15
  •  Tour de Bonnechere Aug. 27
  • Tour de Poutine September 16
  • Arnprior Recreation and Culture Fair Arnprior Nick Smith Centre
  • Renfrew and area Chamber of Commerce Community Information Night at the Ma-te-way Activity Centre

The OVCATA Membership in 2022 of 514 has increased to current membership of 560

Facebook followers increased by 223 in 2023 to 1,100 current followers.

 OPERATING COSTS – We continue to retain liability coverage for operations and organized ride events. However, OVCATA agreed early in 2023 to exclude liability coverage for Bike Bank for 2023. Liability costs are by far the biggest financial challenge for this group.

We are very fortunate to have generous contributions from our members and the income from the Tour de Whitewater and Bonnechere events to help cover our costs leaving us with a healthy bank statement. Perhaps now OVCATA should consider projects for the enhancement of cycling and active transportation by OVCATA in our area.


It is very clear that OVCATA has made exciting and significant impacts on active transportation in our area and now is the time to discuss and develop short-term and long-term strategic plans.

This report is provided by Co-Chairs, Bob Peltzer and Ron Moss


Treasurer Debbie Fiebig reported an opening balance of $2,190.09 and a closing balance of $2,635.12 for the year. The Cashing in on Cycle Tourism event in September cost $1,769.44 and raised donations of $619.64 for a total cost of $1,149.80. All in attendance agreed it was money well spent as it led directly to the creation of an action group.

Here's an AI-generated summary of presentations made at the meeting:

Key Takeaways

  • Good progress being made on trail infrastructure and promotion of cycling in the region
  • Importance of community engagement and working together across municipalities highlighted
  • Ideas shared for improving amenities like trailheads, signage, and charging stations

Trail Infrastructure Updates

  • Overview of progress on Algonquin Trail and K&P Trail given by Taylor Hanrath
  • Key projects completed in past year and planned for 2023 discussed
  • Importance of enforcement, maintenance, and partnerships noted

Cycling Tourism Promotion

  • Melissa Marquardt presented on Ottawa Valley Tourism Association's efforts to promote cycling
  • Discussed marketing campaigns, cycling routes, partnerships, and future product development plans
  • Signage strategy in development to direct cyclists on trails and connect to communities

Community Engagement

  • Jeff Mills emphasized importance of community engagement for advancing cycling
  • Shared examples from Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month and Cashing in on Cyclotourism conference
  • Noted value of working together across municipalities and with stakeholders

Recommendations and Partnerships

  • Jeff Mills made recommendations including sharing conference report, engaging local businesses, and collaborating across regions
  • Emphasized Ottawa Valley's assets and potential to build on success of other trail networks

Next Steps:

  • Share conference report and presentations on OB-CATA website
  • Explore Jeff's ideas like awards program and collaborating with Lanark County
  • Continue to advance trail infrastructure, cycling promotion, and community engagement

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